Since 1960, HETTABRETZ imagines, draws and creates masterpieces to wear with the unmistakable style who let Italy became so famous all over the world. The mission is to create extraordinary clothes that talk about magnificience, craftmanship and research of marvel. Spreading culture and wellness, searching the highest quality and the uniqueness of the product, the international vision, the ethics and corporate flexibility are the keypoints of Hettabretz’s work, since the foundation day.

Precious Material

Alligator, crocodile, python, perforated nappa, baby calf suede, vicuna, light cashemere and silk.


100% made in Italy craftmanship highest quality ever ethical approach to economics


Research cross culture style ironic appeal

Françoise Halard

Hettabretz The Book

Amongst various initiatives to mark the 50th anniversary of our foundation, we have also decided to celebrate history, philosophy and know-how of Hettabretz by capturing images of our premises, archives, and the works of art that decorate our company seen through the eyes of François Halard. This has given rise to an imaginative and poetic book illustrating the creations and revealing the setting of a story in which to discover the suggestive moment of our craft. We are especially proud of this important publication, printed in 1313 numbered copies, and are pleased to share it with all those who have contributed and continue to contribute to our success.

© 2016 Hettabretz Since 1960, HETTABRETZ creates, designs and realizes masterpieces to wear with the unmistakable style which let Italy become famous all over the world. Our mission is to create extraordinary clothes that speak of magnificence, craftsmanship and research of marvel.